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Computational Thinking through Modular Sound Synthesis (UNHP 1100)

24 Aug 2022 . Category . Comments #teaching #research #nlp #machine-learning #programming #mofacts #datawhys #ldi

In this Honors Forum, students will learn computational thinking concepts and strategies in the context of modular sound synthesis. Modular sound synthesis (modular) is extensively used in the production of electronic music and hip hop. Modular is a method of creating sounds and composing music that exists at the intersection between music, signal processing, and implicitly, functional programming since each module represents a function that performs an operation on sound. However, no code is written in the process; rather, “programming” consists of connecting wires between modules to carry audio or control signals. Each class will pose challenges to create a certain kind of sound or sequence of sounds aligned with the topic of the day. The goal of these challenges is to help the students develop computational thinking skills as they learn to solve musical problems through modular. It is important to note that the course activities require each student to have a laptop to run software that simulates a modular system. (syllabus)