Andrew M. Olney presently serves as Professor in both the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Department of Psychology at the University of Memphis. Dr. Olney received a B.A. in Linguistics with Cognitive Science from University College London in 1998, an M.S. in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex in 2001, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Memphis in 2006. His primary research interests are in natural language interfaces. Specific interests include vector space models, dialogue systems, unsupervised grammar induction, robotics, and intelligent tutoring systems.



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PSYC 3020 - Research and Statistics II (4) Interpretation, design, and conduct of psychological research and statistical methods used to analyze resulting data with emphasis on experimental methods, inferential statistics and advanced correlational methods. Three lecture hours, one laboratory hour per week. PREREQUISITE: PSYC 1030, PSYC 3010. (syllabus)

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