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MoFaCTS Automated Authoring

29 Sep 2019 . Category . Comments #research #reading #education-research #mofacts #nlp #discourse #fsharp

I’ve just released an intial version of code that reimplements and extends previous work for automatically creating cloze items from text.

The new implementation uses AllenNLP and spaCy through Docker to provide deep-learning services, but the code itself use F# and Fable and so runs in the web browser.

The final deployment is actually in Meteor, so I use Fable to output a Node target as well.

You can check out the code here or play with the live demo here, but the Docker services won’t work unless you are on the University of Memphis campus.

Stevens Amendment Notice: This project is 100% financed with Federal funds at a dollar amount of $1,240,151. No non-governmental funds have been used to finance this project.