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Center for the Study of Adult Literacy (CSAL)- Project Overview

01 Sep 2012 . Category . Comments #research #its #csal #nlp #discourse #education-research #agents #reading #project-overviews

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The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate a multiple component intervention framework to address and conduct research on struggling adult readers and their literacy learning needs.

The participants in our work will be adults who read between the 3rd and 8th grade equivalency levels. We will use a comprehensive approach to assessment that weds cognitive assessment with evaluation of motivational needs and attributions about literacy learning and develop an intervention with different modules to allow tailoring to differing instructional needs in decoding and word identification, reading fluency, vocabulary, text analysis and reading comprehension.

We will develop a web-based instructional adjunct to facilitate increased engagement by adult learners and greater reading experience inside and outside the classroom.

The main project website is here

Stevens Amendment Notice: This project will be 100% financed with Federal funds at a dollar amount of $1,240,151. No non-governmental funds will be used to finance this project.