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Announcing DataWhys Summer Internship Program 2021

05 Mar 2021 . Category . Comments #research #education-research #datawhys #data-science #machine-learning #programming #statistics #service #outreach

Join us at The University of Memphis for an online interdisciplinary summer internship program in data science!

The DataWhys Project at The University of Memphis is developing a training program for LeMoyne-Owen College students outside the core data science fields of statistics, machine learning, and computer science. As part of this internship, interns will use and provide feedback on this training program and complete an original data science research project—no background in data science is needed!

Along the way, interns will work closely with faculty and graduate student mentors to develop their data science and professional skills, including how to research a topic, how to read a scientific paper, how to find a dataset, and how to present results.

Accepted interns will be paid $14/hr. and are expected to attend online from 10–4pm, Monday through Thursday (with an hour for lunch), from May 31, 2021 to July 23, 2021. The program is limited to 15 students, so priority will be given to students closer to graduation. Applicants must be students at LeMoyne-Owen College and eligible to work in the U.S.

Students should apply online at https://forms.gle/eAdR1C1GDwtgQymT9. Applications will close at 11:59 PM CST on April 12, 2021. Each application should be supported by two letters of reference emailed to Andrew Olney (aolney@memphis.edu). Decision notifications will be sent out at the end of April.

The DataWhys Project and internship are supported by the National Science Foundation through Grant 1918751 for to the University of Memphis.

NSF award information

Frequently Asked Questions (3/5/21)

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the DataWhys Summer Internship Program. If you have a question not answered below, please contact aolney@memphis.edu.

Q: What about COVID-19?

A: The internship will be online. We moved to an online format last year and it worked well.

Q: Do I need to have a background in computer science or statistics to apply?

A: No, we welcome students from all fields and do not assume knowledge of programming or statistics.

Q: I’ve applied for the internship program, but I haven’t gotten a response yet? Am I accepted?

A: We’re reviewing all applications and will make a decision and notify all applicants at the end of April.

Q: I will graduate from LeMoyne-Owen in May, am I eligible?

A: Yes, you are eligible to apply.

Q: I can’t make all the sessions. Am I still eligible?

A: Generally, no, we expect interns to be able to attend the whole program. However, if you needed to miss a day to go to a wedding or funeral, that would not be a problem.

Q: I have another offer that I need to accept, can I get an early decision on my application?

A: No, we do not give early decisions. The DataWhys Summer Internship Program is very competitive to join. We review all applications at once to give everyone a chance to become a part of our program.

Q: I am not a US Citizen; am I eligible?

A: You must have authorization to be paid as an intern, so we recommend you speak with your student services representative about obtaining work authorization.

Q: I attend a college other than LeMoyne-Owen or don’t attend college at all. Am I eligible for the DataWhys Summer Internship Program?

A: Not at this time. However, our training materials are freely available, so you may use those on your own. We have also offered an online course based on these materials. If you belong to a business or nonprofit that would like to become an industry partner, we may have additional opportunities for you.