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DataWhys Project Overview

13 Jan 2020 . Category . Comments #research #education-research #PI #project-overviews #datawhys #its #nlp #discourse #data-science #machine-learning #programming #statistics

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In the last three years, the demand for data scientists has increased by a factor of 10 in key markets. If this trend continues, data scientists will be more sought after than software developers in just a few years.

The problem we face is that while we know how to train people in statistics, programming, and machine learning, we know very little about how to train people to integrate these disciplines in order to be effective data scientists.

Our grant work will focus on understanding the deep prerequisite knowledge in these fields and how to integrate them in an efficient training program for emerging data scientists across all levels. Our training program will leverage adaptive learning technologies and be embedded in the tools data scientists use every day so that workers can learn on the job.

Further details about the award are here.

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