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Wii Fit Posture Sensor and Posture Mirroring Agent

01 May 2010 . Category . Comments #research #its #guru #hardware #engagement #discourse #education-research #agents #demo

Presented at ITS 2010. This interactive event presents a pressure sensitive chair constructed out of Wii Fit game controller boards. During this event, we demonstrate how to arrange the boards to detect seat and back pressure, configure a PC to receive a bluetooth datastream from the boards, and modify the power supply of the boards to increase uptime and reliability. We claim that the pressure sensitive chair so constructed is highly suitable for recovering posture information from a student interacting with an ITS.

An overview of the demo using slides is here.

A corresponding video contains basically the same information but more precisely shows the process of bluetooth association

The video demo is below:

We later integrated this board with an animated agent to do posture mirroring (presented at ACII 2011)

The video demo of the integrated system: