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Question Classifier 2003 Reboot

12 Jun 2019 . Category . Comments #research #autotutor #nlp #education-research #its #nlp #fsharp

In 2003 I published a paper on classifying questions in AutoTutor.

The question classifier was originally written in TCL and used a cascade of manually authored regular expressions. Later on this code was ported to Java and C#. The only publically available implementation before now was bundled with GnuTutor and wasn’t validated to the degree of the original.

I’ve released a reimplementation using F# and Fable that runs in the web browser. Although it is not an exact reimplementation (using different programming languages, etc.) the test suite I’ve created for it shows that its performance is broadly similar to what I believe is the original code.

The program is available here. It is all client-side, so there’s no need to install it yourself.

The code lives on GitHub.