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Generate NSF Collaborators and Other Affiliations Information from Your Publications

26 Apr 2019 . Category . Comments #service #fsharp

NSF grant proposal guidelines require the listing of all possible reviewers who may have a conflict of interest with reviewing your application.

Some of these reviewers are relatively static (your Ph.D. advisor), but the bulk of them are people you’ve published with in the last 48 months. I created a Jupyter notebook to help with creating that section of the COA form.

To start, you will either need:

  1. A citation database of your publications
  2. A Google Scholar profile (see how to create)

The output of the notebook is tab-delimited data that can be copy/pasted into the NSF template

I actually did this a while ago, but someone recently asked me for it, and I realized I never blogged it.

A video below shows how to use it in Azure Notebooks, though you can use it anywhere Jupyter is used.