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Case Mod for Thinkpad Tablet 2

12 Nov 2013 . Category . Comments #hardware #research

Post reconstructed from Google Plus

Thinkpad Tablet 2 case mod folio using keyboard

Build your own folio for Thinkpad Tablet 2. Lets you pop out your tablet easily, or dock it with the keyboard without taking it out of the case. If you want to use the tablet/case without the keyboard, it velcros out.

Photo annotations:

  • Notice the stand in the back and how the case bends around the back of the keyboard. That is only possible because I removed one of the ribs with an exacto knife and a lot of patience.
  • From the front it almost looks like it was manufactured as a convertible tablet.
  • This is the rib I removed from the Slim Case cover. I cut it in half with a dremel.
  • This is where the rib was removed. I glued the flap back down later with Aleenes flexible fabric glue, in lines perpendicular to the bend of the cover.
  • You see the back of the standard Thinkpad 2 bluetooth keyboard with velcro at the four corners and matching velcro on the inside of the Slim Case. This lets the keyboard detach when needed. The velcro here and elsewhere is adhesive backed.
  • The keyboard slot wasn’t big enough to take the tablet in the case bracket, so I enlarged it with a dremel. Matching velcro in the center and the case bracket is almost strong enough to hold it in place without the back bracket, but not quite.

UPDATE 2019: The keyboard lasted until early 2019 when the internal battery died - used it for the last ~4 years with an android phone and bluetooth. The tablet barely made it into 2015.