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Shiloh Overview

01 Jan 2013 . Category . Comments #research #discourse #dogs

picture facing Shiloh and I are FEMA Type III certified in Wilderness Air Scent, Air Scent (Discriminatory) certified by the Network of Canine Detection Services, and I am a certified SARTECH II evaluator.

We train with the Mid South Search and Rescue Dog Association.

Shiloh has contributed to at least 1 publication.

Olney, A. M. (2013). Symbolic, indexical, and iconic communication with domestic dogs. Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 24, 79-98.

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The best all around puppy book. I prefer it over the monks, Dunbar, Rice, and Volhard

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Great for fundamentals of clicker training. Great for socialization with other dogs. Learn to recognize and control aggressive impulses.

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Wonderful tips for trick training. The best resource I’ve found for hand signals.

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A reference book for when you’re stuck. Extremely difficult to read.

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The ultimate flying disc book

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Broken link


We finally ended up in Wilderness Air Scent

Started in trailing…. not so much!