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Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) - Project Overview

01 Sep 2012 . Category . Comments #research #its #nlp #gift #semantics #discourse #education-research #agents #project-overviews

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GIFT is an empirically-based, service-oriented framework of tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based tutoring systems (CBTS), manage instruction and assess the effect of CBTS, components and methodologies. GIFT is being developed under the Adaptive Tutoring Research Science & Technology project at the Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Environments (LITE) Laboratory, part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory - Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED).

We convene annual conferences of researchers on select tutoring system topics and generate books from the outcomes of those meetings (the “Design Recommendations” series).

In addition we are building GIFT prototypes that demonstrate AutoTutor integration with virtual environments.