JEDM Editorial Process

The flowchart below outlines the process from author submission to editorial decision. Hovering mouse over node reveals additional details at that step.

Author creates revised manuscript addressing the concerns from last round of review as well as a cover letter outlining how each concern has been addressed. Author informed of Requires Revisions through the JEDM web portal. Author informed of Acceptance through the JEDM web portal. Copyediting begins. Author informed of Rejection through the JEDM web portal. Associate Editor and Editor Agree on Decision Reviewers review manuscript according to the JEDM Reviewing Guidelines The Associate Editor invites three reviewers with one reviewer coming from the JEDM Editorial Board. If the submission is a revision, then the reviewers who reviewed the last version will be invited. An Associate Editor with expertise in the submission's area is assigned to oversee the review process. The Editor will make a determination as to whether the submission warrants a full review. Submissions that are out of scope or not sufficiently mature are rejected at this stage. The Editor conveys a preliminary review with a rejection decision to the authors. Author submits at . Submissions must be complete to trigger review. Incomplete submissions are periodically deleted.